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The next ‘feeds’ hurt even more and I didn’t think my baby was latched on properly or getting anything.I didn’t see or hear him swallow; it looked more like a nibble to me. He was so tired after the traumatic delivery that he slept a lot, so the nurse said that he must be getting something or else he wouldn’t be this satisfied.Within 4 hours of arriving at hospital and being in labour for only 6 hours, it was time to push.My contractions and my pushes were so violent that our little guy’s heartbeat dropped to an alarming level.As it turned out later, the books I’d read, advised to me by my breastfeeding class-instructor were seriously out of date and at least 20 years old, riddled with false assumptions.As I lay with my baby, the nurse told me that he seemed to be latched on. She said that it almost always hurt in the beginning.I had lots of complications during pregnancy, so I had to deliver my baby in hospital (which isn’t standard here in the Netherlands). For example I didn’t want any drugs or pain relief, I wanted my baby on my stomach for at least an hour after birth and I didn’t want the staff to give formula.These requests were uncommon, for I had pregnancy diabetes.

With the information I did have I wrote a detailed birth-plan, which I gave to the doctors at hospital.She said that if you feed in a laying down position where you and your baby both lay on your side, your baby was supposed to suck on the upper breast so to speak.This didn’t work at all and for a long time I believed I could only feed sitting up as these were the only 2 positions she discussed with me.The gynecologist came in and said he had to help the delivery by using a pump.So my little one came to this world with a headache.


They wanted me to harden my nipples with hard towels and icecubes.