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Not only does this show you aren’t trying to impress her, but it also makes her think you are hiding something.This shady vibe will keep the conversation going and make her curious about what is hiding behind the curtain.On holidays, you probably get her a gift and a card, and on anniversaries you most likely make her days special as well. You are the last thought on my mind when I go to bed at night and the first thought in my head when I get up in the morning. But it is not just enough to shower your girlfriend with love and affection on special occasions. If you talked to her because she is cute, chances are she gets talked to by a lot of guys.Separate yourself from the pack early on by telling her a short story that hits on many of your positive qualities, such as your confidence, athleticism, sense of adventure, intelligence, humor, wit, story-telling ability, and so on.I then captured my strategy into a book called Bang.Bang is a 155-page textbook that teaches you the skills needed to put your penis inside vaginas. My goal was to create a guide that was all you need to get laid, and I like to think I succeeded The book If you visit the Bang page, you’ll have an opportunity to read sample pages and also learn my Condom Line, the line I use when I need to get the condom in a smooth way without ruining the moment.

Plus it makes you appear scared of getting rejected, a quality not attractive to most women.Instead of asking, just do it and see what happens.When you first start talking to a girl, she has no idea who you are.I did things like ask them why they were so drunk and even approached with stick figure drawings on napkins to make them laugh. Not until my second year of approaching nonstop did a reliable game system start to become clear in my mind.For the next four years I perfected and refined it into something that got me laid consistently with the girls I wanted.

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