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Some scholars are of the opinion that the Patrick story was invented entirely by the Catholic church, but all scholars agree that the people eventually accepted the new religion without much opposition. The monasteries became so important that the system of dioceses founded by St. Each monastery was independent, and the abbots of the monasteries eventually became more powerful than the bishops.

he early church in Ireland incorporated many of the Pagan ceremonies and rituals into their services and church calendar. uring this period generally called the Dark Ages in Europe religion and scholarship almost disappeared in some other countries.

In 563, he founded a monastery on Iona, a small island off the coast of Scotland.But, before they could achieve much, bands of warriors from Scandinavia, called Vikings, began to raid the before the coming of the Vikings Irish kings and chieftains had become notorious for their depredations of ecclesiastical properties.ccording to tradition in 432, Patrick landed at the mouth of the Slaney river which flows into Strangford Lough near Saul, in County Down, he made contact with the local chieftain Diohu who after a conversation with Patrick gave him his barn the Irish word for barn was sabhall, Patrick converted it and so it became his first church in Ireland.ater he was called before the high king, Laoghaire, at Tara, Laoghaire was impressed with Patrick and he gave him permission to preach.

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