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All equipment in the home was seized and will be used as evidence against the homeowners when they are caught. Cavalry observed a civilian vehicle dropping cement blocks in the median of a major thoroughfare. “Today, they chose their leaders for the next four years,” Coffman said. Coffman said the violence stayed at or below normal levels.

The patrol intercepted the suspicious vehicle and detained three suspected terrorists. Joseph Di Salvo, commander of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, gives a soul handshake to a young Iraqi boy as he tours voting sites in east Baghdad Dec. “If someone chooses to vote as many did, they chose to vote because they believe in the future of their country. There were a few terrorist attacks with improvised explosive devices and isolated indirect fire incidents, but otherwise election day was very safe, he said.

The Iraqi citizens know that providing information against the terrorists to Coalition or Iraqi Security Forces will help to improve the security situation in their neighborhoods,” said Col. Ross Coffman, 4th Brigade Combat Team executive officer.

Joseph Di Salvo, commander of Coalition Forces in east Baghdad. “It only takes a moment to see their faces as they vote, to see their pride, not only because they are voting but because they are part of something bigger. Not only for the efforts we’ve made, but also for the future of the country.” The future seems to be the center of Coffman’s focus and for good reason. Timothy Story) Hundreds of thousands of Baghdad residents were able to vote mainly because of the security at polling stations provided by Iraqi Security Forces.

"The Iraqi Security Forces are the lead element in providing this security.

They are the ones people see at the polling sites," Hicks said.

13, 2005- Iraqi Army Soldiers northwest of Baghdad voted three days before the country's national elections, freeing them for duty on Dec. Soldiers had been working to make polling sites throughout the area secure prior to election day. 12, thousands went to the polls themselves and voted at a site in Assariya village, near Camp Taji north of Baghdad. This is good for all Iraqis, not just for us, " said Pvt.

Zaheer, an infantryman with 9th Iraqi Army Mechanized Division.

His team works with the citizens of the area to improve infrastructure and quality of life.

“The Military Transition Teams and Special Police Training Teams that have stood beside the Iraqi forces during training and mission execution over the last year will carry Iraqi security in the future for the next five to 10 years.

It’s an honor being part of America’s team here in Iraq, standing side by side with Iraq’s team making sure that this is a safe place for the Iraqi people.” TAJI, Iraq –Dec.

One Soldier led his comrades in a chant extolling the virtues of their favorite candidates.

"It really means a lot to see how much enthusiasm they have, " Hicks said.

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