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I also never had to make all the moves, just the first one. Making the first move requires practice and can be awkward at first. He said “hi” then walked closer and started chatting.

The guys — if remotely interested — would take it from there. “Show an intrigued guy attention and watch him move mountains to get to you,” said Enitan Bereola, a relationship expert in Florida and author of “Gentlewoman: Etiquette for a Lady, From A Gentleman.” “But make no mistake — you don’t want anyone who doesn’t desire you enough to pursue you back.” Even if the exchange didn’t lead to an exchange of numbers or a date, I was never flatly rejected or embarrassed. The guy I’d been eyeing all day passed near me, and I seized the moment, blurting out the first thing I could think of. We exchanged numbers, and he called me — um, 20 or more times over the next couple days.

This means that you’re more than just a possible one-night stand to him – you’re girlfriend material.

Weekends in college are filled with parties, casual hangouts and large group events.

The study found that when a woman contacts a man first, 30 percent of those messages turn into a conversation.

We were always together, we texted and talked on the phone almost every day and his friends had told me he liked me,” says Hannah, a senior at the University of Colorado.

“I used to get so frustrated though, because, despite all of that, he never actually asked me out.” According to Carole Lieberman, a psychiatrist and relationship expert, vague suggestions about going out “sometime,” “next time” or “soon” show that he’s definitely interested in hanging out, but for some reason isn’t prepared to nail down a date and time.

Every sign indicates that he’s into you, but instead of dating, you’re stuck frantically checking your phone for texts and refreshing his Facebook and Twitter pages for any kind of information. Some guys are just a bit shyer than others and might make the first move.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from scoring a first date!

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Here are a few indications that it might be time to ask him out, and tips for how to do it.

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