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Who is chace crawford dating now

In Victor Victrola Jenny admits what happened at the ball to Blair, who fires her from being a minion.

Soon after, Jenny begins dating Asher Hornsby, a student at Unity (Desperately Seeking Serena).Meanwhile, Jenny is struggling to keep up with the luxurious lifestyle of her new friends and steals a dress from Hazel Williams' mother's closet to wear at the birthday dinner they are planning for her.At the same time, Blair works with Rufus to plan an embarrassing party for Jenny; where it's revealed that she stole Hazel's mother's dress.After being expelled from Constance Jenny is able to convince her father, Rufus, to let her attend Waverly Academy, a boarding school located in upstate New York.Jenny is introduced in Pilot as the youngest minion of Blair Waldorf.

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However, as the show progresses, Jenny steps away from seeking approval and works to be a force in her own right.